Category: Visual

Redthreaded – Little Women

Project: Little Women release for Sony Pictures Featuring: Redthreaded


Leon Gallery – ArtHyve

Project: Archives as Muse Featuring: Leon Gallery and ArtHyve


RedThreaded – Dell

Project: Dell & McAfee’s Small But Mighty Contest Featuring: Redthreaded I always enjoy a new fun challenge- how to show how designer and owner Cynthia Settje uses Dell’s new laptop. Plus it’s always lovely to visit their shop down near Boulder. They recently expanded their space and I can’t want to see it!


Control Group – Setting Fires NSFW

Featuring: Control Group Productions Project: Setting Fires The most fun you can have in an abandoned butcher shop! Belonging to Control Group Production’s research series, “Dances Made to be Viewed in the Dark,” this piece was part art installation, part political protest, part performance art, part dance production. It was a lovely photography challenge- after all the camera requires a certain amount of light … Read More Control Group – Setting Fires NSFW


Leon Gallery – *Subject to Non-Renewal

Featuring: Forrest J. Morrison and Leon Gallery Project: *Subject to Non-Renewal Save Save Save

Frontier Millinery

Project: Site Visit Featuring: Frontier Millinery


Baroque Selfies

Featuring: Leon Gallery and Matthew Harris Project: Baroque Selfies Artist Statement: “My recent series of “Baroque Selfies” questions the ways in which an individual gains social status. Wealth, physical appearance, and charming personality too often trump wisdom, compassion, and humility. Failure to gain the attention and approval we crave feeds our insecurities and drives us to try even harder. With the elaboration of social … Read More Baroque Selfies


David Freeman – Observing (A)Trophy Life

Featuring- David Freeman at Leon Gallery, curated by Camille Rose Shortridge Project- Observing (A)Trophy  Life – Celebrating Our Luxury of Social, Personal and Political Addiction Save Save


Jess Webb – In-Between Life & Death

Featuring: Jess Webb and Leon Gallery Project: “In-Between Life and Death” Press: 303 Magazine


Jolt- The Art of War

Featuring: JOLT and Leon Gallery Project: “The Art of War”


Matt Scobey | Come Dig The Essence

Featuring: Matt Scobey and Leon Gallery Project: Come Dig The Essence


Continental Divide – East of L.A., West of Tehran

Featuring: Arya Ghavamian, Laleh Mehran, Justin Mashouf, Amitis Motevalli and Leon Gallery Project: Continental Divide – East of L.A., West of Tehran