I’m a Denver-based photographer specializing in social media and marketing photography for creatives. My goal is to help creative people- dancers, actors, makers, musicians, poets, chefs, designers, you name it- showcase their passions and share them with the world.

Passion is complicated. We’re told to follow it, but we don’t always recognize it, or know how to get it out in the world it once we’ve found it. And, frankly, passion and creation cannot thrive in a vacuum. We need to share and connect.

Art is vital. Literally, it has life. It feeds on eyes and ears and hearts and minds, and I am passionate about helping form that link between creative folks and the audience they need to survive.

Colorado Fine Art Photographer
Amanda Tipton

I believe artists often need context for their work. I believe they not only need a clear record of events, but someone to come in from the outside and become a detective of dance or Italian opera.

Social media, too, now insists on not just seeing finished pieces, but the process of an artist as well. Folks can no longer just put up a poster and hope people come to their play. They need an interpreter and an advocate. Social media insists on honesty, consistency of brand and, frankly, on continually new content. I specialize in creating images that fit those needs so that your Facebook and Instagram can always be fresh and relevant.

For this reason, I don’t offer xerox-style photography of art for reprint- there are technicians who specialize in this work, and it’s best left to them. But if you need someone to be vitally curious and intensely passionate about what you do and how to help communicate that to your prospective audience, I’m your photographer.

For a list of my services and your investment, please contact me here, email me at amanda.r.tipton@gmail.com, or call me at 303.929.5209.

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