Performance Stills Capture Both The Drama and the History of Your Organization

My goal when taking performance stills is always to give you an accurate archive of your show, as well as a wealth of images for marketing and social media. My images bring out the excitement of your work, capturing how it felt to be in the audience, and encouraging your patrons to buy their tickets for your next show.

Wonderbound has been working with photographer Amanda Tipton for the past decade, and in that time, she has captured the essence of our work. Through her keen eye, Amanda is able to entrance the viewer and welcome them into an experience that is at once dynamic and ethereal. She is truly a gem: a brilliant photographer and a most thoughtful, kind, generous, and adventurous collaborator.

Dawn Fay, President of Wonderbound

Some of my clients include…

  • Colorado Symphony
  • Wonderbound
  • Central City Opera
  • The Arvada Center
  • Flamenco Denver
  • Friends of Chamber Music
  • The Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado
  • T2 Dance Company
  • and others!