Featuring: Dancer Sabrina Gentry
Project: Dance Project Denver

Denver Dance Photography001.jpg
Denver Dance Photography002.jpg
Denver Dance Photography004.jpg
Denver Dance Photography003.jpg
Denver Dance Photography005.jpg
Denver Dance Photography007.jpg
Denver Dance Photography006.jpg
Denver Dance Photography008.jpg
Denver Dance Photography009.jpg
Denver Dance Photography010.jpg

11 Comments on “Dance Project Denver – Sabrina Gentry

  1. Beautiful session! The ones at “2708” are my favorite — just noticed that art yesterday, and her outfit, posing and the light are all perfection together. Love.

  2. Wow! I love the drama in the lighting and the colors! You chose the perfect locations to match the clothing.

  3. I love all of these! And your use of sun is spot on.
    This is a great snapshot of locations as well, as I’m heading to RiNo this weekend for a session. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Holy moly, could you hadn’t found more perfect backdrops?! So lovely! You totally nailed this whole session!

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