Featuring: Ballerina Meredith Strathmeyer and Costume Designer Rachael Kras
Project: Ballet Maternity Session

Ballerina Maternity Photo Session001.jpg
Ballerina Maternity Photo Session002.jpg
Ballerina Maternity Photo Session003.jpg
Ballerina Maternity Photo Session004.jpg
Ballerina Maternity Photo Session005.jpg
Ballerina Maternity Photo Session006.jpg

8 Comments on “Meredith Strathmeyer Dance Maternity Session

  1. Wowsers! What a great way to bring a splash of COLOR into an otherwise muted location! Awesome! That dress is fairly magnificent… and the dress throwing photos are wonderful! Beautiful light, compositions, mama-to-be… beautiful all around!

  2. That dress!! Ah! So beautiful! Where do you even find something like that? I love the movement and color in this shoot. So beautiful!

  3. Wow- these are stunning, and so creative! The colors are gorgeous!

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